Freedom Square (Namesti Svobody)

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 Freedom Square (Náměstí Svobody), is the beating heart of Brno. All the big events in the life of the city, such as welcoming the New Year, Christmas markets and a number of festivals, take place here. If you seek some entertainment, you can find various kinds of restaurants, nightclubs and discos just around the square. There are also several theatres and galleries nearby. The place is also a paradise for shopping.

The square is triangular in shape and is intersected with tram tracks. There are several monuments and interesting buildings including the Plague Column, the House of Lords of Lipá, the Omega store, an atypical fountain and the latest attraction – an atypical clock in the shape of cartridge. The monument is six metres high and is made ​​of black African granite. However, many passers-by agree that rather than a cartridge, the monument more resembles male genitalia. Another tourist attraction is the glass ball, which rolls down the horolog at 11 am – you can catch it in one of the holes and take it as a souvenir. Why does the ball only roll down the machine at 11 o’clock? This has a connection to a legend from the city's history. During the siege of Brno in 1645 by the Swedish army the General Torstenson promised that if his troops do not conquer the city by noon, they will retreat. Maybe they would have been successful, if the bells of Petrov didn´t ring noon as early as 11 o’clock. Brno thus remained unconquered.

Nam. Svobody
602 00 Brno
South Moravia
Czech Republic

GPS: 49° 11' 42.676", 16° 36' 28.769"

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