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Why choose JOuTrip?

Tired of browsing hundreds of hotels and accommodation facilities on world booking portals? JOuTrip is the solution. You will find here only selected hotels, which are very well rated by the visitors themselves, so we can recommend them with a clear conscience. JOuTrip serves as an overview of accommodation facilities, which you can filter according to different priorities and within a few minutes find the one that suits you best. 


What makes JOuTrip different?

The disadvantage of known reservation portals is that the operators of accommodation establishments provide them with only a limited number of rooms. Therefore, on one portal the hotel may look sold out on the selected date, but on another there will still be available rooms. However, if you visit the hotel's website directly, you will find out the actual current availability of the rooms. In addition, hotels often offer various discounts or bonuses in the form of free services for bookings directly through their websites. So in the end, your stay can be even more advantageous. The biggest disadvantage of these reservation portals is the difficult traceability of the so-called family rooms, special packages, etc. You will find this only on the website of the accommodation complex. However, JOuTrip gathers all this information and can offer you the hotel that best suits your needs. Though, the client already makes the reservation directly through the hotel website.


What can you find on the JOuTrip website?

Thanks to the fact that the hotels are proven by visitors, JOuTrip can offer you really quality accommodation in the given location. For easier selection, you will always find the most important information on each accommodation facility, such as a brief description of the hotel, facilities, price for the cheapest room, contacts to the hotel, special events and a click button on the hotel website. If you choose one of the offers, you can download the property card in PDF format with basic information such as contact and map.


What does the name JOuTrip mean?

The word "JOU" [dʒoʊ] in Chinese means "around" or "happiness". When you combine the word JOU with the English TRIP, you get JOuTrip, which can be interpreted as a happy journey.


What does JOuTrip make money on?

We do not receive any commissions from accommodation facilities, as we redirect clients directly to the property's website. We believe that this service is missing on the market and we will find some way to monetize it in the future. However, if you like our project, you can Support Us.



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